The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine states:

“The presence of mold adversely affects human health through three processes: allergy, infection and toxicity.” Simply stated, mold can make you very sick and in some cases can be the cause of death. Molds are found both indoors and outdoors.

To reduce the mold health threat, mold must be controlled where it grows, outside. Controlling exterior mold reduces the chances of mold getting into your home and causing mold growth to the exterior or your home. This in turn helps prevent your family or employees from having allergies or flu like symptoms in the future.


Have you ever noticed homes that have green mildew or black mold on their brick, vinyl, aluminum siding, decks, sidewalks, driveways or roof? This results in poor curb appeal and generally causes deterioration and is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Our process will eliminate all mold and mildew and help keep it from coming back, not to mention, giving a brand new appearance.


As wood begins to weather in the environment, it can take on a grayish even black tint. This is caused by two things. Direct sunlight bleaches the fibers in the wood so that is takes on a look that is not like new. The other reason is mold. If a deck is exposed to an area around a lot of trees, over time, these trees cause mold spores to develop and thrive on the woods causing it to start to rot and decay. Pressure washing removes all molds and removes the layer of sun bleached wood to expose the woods natural beauty once again.


Concrete and sidewalks are not immune to the mold and mildew process either. Over time they lose their white appearance and begin to get black or even green with mold and mildew. Concrete is very easy to clean and is a very easy way to make a home have very good curb appeal. When we pressure wash a house, the sidewalks are always included in the job.


Shingle roofs over time develop black stains over the entire life of the shingle. This is caused by mold. The mold is actually a living organism that is feeding off of the asphalt in the shingle. Left unattended, this creates shortened shingle life, increases electric bills because of the insulating factor of the mold and is just not attractive from the street. Our process involves a biodegradable chemical that is used in high amounts with low pressure being used to remove the stains. High pressure can damage and remove granules from your roof, shortening the life of the shingle.


Vinyl and aluminum siding have always been described as maintenance free. Well, for the most part, it is. But, as time goes by, it starts to lose its shine and begins to get mold and mildew on it. If this mold and mildew isn’t removed, it will only spread over the whole house causing more mold and mildew and further tarnishing the appearance of the house. Pressure washing not only removes the mold and mildew, but it also will remove the oxidation that occurs over time and bring the siding back to a new shine.


If you were trying to sell your car, the first thing you would do is clean it right? Why not do this with your home. A clean home with clean siding, sidewalks, deck and roof will look better and be more attractive to potential buyers. It can even boost your appraisal of the property by several thousand dollars. It makes sense to spend very little money for a huge return on your investment. This is why many homeowners who want to sell their house get it professionally pressure washed before putting it on the market.