There are certain cleaning jobs which require more than just a normal pressure washer. Applying cold water isn’t enough and this is where hot water pressure washers are required. These products are usually larger, more powerful and more expensive than their cold water counterparts. They are normally used by professionals, cleaning service provider, farmers and any other users who need a solution for heavy duty work. Most of the leading manufacturers have a range these types of pressure washers which are able to perform at this level.

In general these products are not suitable models for domestic use and are designed for tougher cleaning work were more water pressure is required at a hotter temperature. This is particularly important when you’re removing substances such as oil, grease, glue and paint which aren’t easy to remove at lower pressure with cooler water. They are more flexible than models which only operate with cold water because you can change the temperature to suit the particular substance you’re trying to remove.

Different cleaning jobs require different solutions and the flexibility of these models makes them the ideal products for commercial and agricultural use. Manufacturers like AR, Power Boss and DeWalt produce pressure washers which have various settings which can be adjusted to suit the particular work your doing. Typical adjustments include thermostats that can be set to remove dirt or grease and water flow.

With so much power produced from these machines, there are many additional functions you can perform thanks to various parts and accessories which can be added for a particular job. A range of brushes, gutter cleaners, hose reels, nozzles, cleaners, wands and wet sandblasters are just some of these accessories which extend the functionality of these cleaning products. All of the main parts of these machines are also available from manufacturers including various adapters, ball valves, pumps, siphon hoses and spray kits.

As mentioned earlier, when you buy hot water pressure washers you’re buying a product which will be used for heavy duty work and in many cases for commercial work. This means they need to be easy to transport and move from one location to another. Trailer mounted models make this easier and models with wheels attached are also popular with those who need to be able to easily move these devices from one place to another. Longer hoses on larger reels are also a feature of these products because you may be working in difficult to reach areas.

When we think about pressure washers many of us think of the models which we use to clean our cars or wash the walls of our homes. However, there is also a huge range of hot water pressure washers which are much more durable and designed to carry out heavy duty tasks which the domestic models could never achieve. These hot water models give you much more flexibility because you can wash at various temperatures and they also produce much higher water pressure for more demanding work.